An open Letter to Jay-Z (and other men)


kesha court- an open letter to jay-z

Hi there Jay-Z, and while I am at it, hi also to: Kanye West, Sam Smith, Rick Ross, Pharrell Williams, Bono, Max Martin, Dave Grohl, Shellback, that guy who sings that he can’t feel his face when he is with that other person, hi to Benny Andersson, Kendrick Lamar, Justin Timberlake, Dr Dre, Justin Bieber and Blake Shelton. All in all, just a big HELLO there to all male artists and producers out there. How’s life? Quite awesome right?


How about if ONE of you guys decided to step up and speak up on how one of the worlds biggest record labels SONY Music treats their employees/stars/contractholders? What if someone took a stand? I see women do it all the time, Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Lorde and Kelly Clarkson to name a few. Not to mention all the support Kesha is getting all around social media. They are all taking a stand. For Kesha, for women, for freedom. For a human being. It’s not hard. It’s just the right thing to do. But there is one thing missing. The men. Where are you? Why is it, that everyone in Kesha’s corner is female? Why is it, that in 95% (based on my own, to be fair, not perfect mathematical statistic, but I’m pretty sure I am counting low here) of the support on social media comes from other girls, women, ladies and grannies?

Where are all the MEN?

I see you speak up on other stuff, so it can’t be that you don’t have stuff to say? I see you in magazines and TV so it can’t be that you don’t like to see your own name in the papers? I see you speak up for Bill Cosby (I know, it’s insane, but it’s true) , Chris Brown and other questionable men so I know that you have the ability to speak (or at least tweet). I just don’t see you speak up for a fellow woman. Ever. Why is that?

I know I don’t always understand you guys, but I do know that most of you are great guys, decent guys, sweet guys, kind guys, generous guys, funny guys, smart guys. Like generally great guys. And I do love guys and men in general. I think that in most part, you are awesome. I am married to one. A great one. But how is it then, that in this mix of all you great guys, that there is not one guy in the music biz that is speaking up on how Sony Music is treating one of their stars? I’m sure It’s not because you are scared, right? I mean, that would just be crazy…

I would so love to understand you.

Your’s truly, Nina


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